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New Albums Zorn, Blake and Cheek and Bowers


Continuing with the recent spate of releases, today we have reviews of new John Zorn material as interpreted by the guitar heavy Abraxas band, a much more traditional sax led quintet and Kris Bower’s new debut release.

I believe that part of the secret to lunatic genius John Zorn’s extensive output of consistently high quality work in recent years is in part his tendency to hand out compositions to, or write specifically for, different bands of frequent, or infrequent, collaborators and bands that often do not include him as an instrumentalist. Perhaps I would personally like to see more albums with him on saxophone, since he has a staggering command of the instrument, but the benefit of this system of passing out music to other artists is the ability to create a wide and diverse repertoire of music, where each release can explore sometimes very different things with a band best suited to do so. Read more…