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2013 year in review

alex sipiagin

2013 was a good year for jazz. The highlights were many and diverse, with fabulous classic straight ahead releases and new fusion and funk influenced dates from artists big and small, including a fascinating archival release of early electric period Miles Davis. I struggled to pare to my inevitable best of list down to 10 items, which I suppose says something about the futility of these sorts of tasks. I enjoyed quite a lot of new stuff this year and no matter what your tastes are, you probably can find something to fit them too. Still, I feel compelled to present a year end list, partly because that seems to be what people do and partly because I enjoy the opportunity to rethink all the new music that’s come out this year. My list is after the break, in alphabetical order of first name.

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2012 Year Top Ten

The Bad Plus - Made Possible

It’s that time of year again. The time when everyone thinks up lists of the things they like to list for other people to read. Here at Foresight and Afterthought, the things we like to list are music, so that’s what we aim to do. After the jump, you’ll find my list for top ten jazz albums of the year, in no particular order, as well as three honorable mentions and biggest disappointments.

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