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New Album Roundup: Nir Felder, Matt Wilson, Sharon Jones

golden age

Expectations may be high for Nir Felder’s Golden Age. The guitarist was named the “next big jazz guitarist” by NPR a few years back and this album has been a while in the making. Joining Felder is a young rhythm section of the absolute highest quality: pianist Aaron Parks, bassist Matt Penman and drummer Nate Smith. How did the next big thing do? I found the album hampered a little bit by its own aesthetic constraints, but it certainly has its moments and bodes well for the future.

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2013 year in review

alex sipiagin

2013 was a good year for jazz. The highlights were many and diverse, with fabulous classic straight ahead releases and new fusion and funk influenced dates from artists big and small, including a fascinating archival release of early electric period Miles Davis. I struggled to pare to my inevitable best of list down to 10 items, which I suppose says something about the futility of these sorts of tasks. I enjoyed quite a lot of new stuff this year and no matter what your tastes are, you probably can find something to fit them too. Still, I feel compelled to present a year end list, partly because that seems to be what people do and partly because I enjoy the opportunity to rethink all the new music that’s come out this year. My list is after the break, in alphabetical order of first name.

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