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Cross Culture: Joe Lovano Us Five

Joe Lovano Us Five Cross Cultural

Welcome to the first new reviews of the year. Today we cover some brand new Joe Lovano and a not quite as new John Zorn release: both deliver. This will be the first set of reviews to utilize the new Foresight and Afterthought stars system, the guidelines to which can be found here.

Joe Lovano ‘Us Five’: Cross Culture

Joe Lovano has just released a new record with the workhorse band behind his last two excellent albums, the ‘Us Five’. Last time the Us Five, a double drum quintet with James Weidman on piano, Esperanza Spalding on bass and drummers Francisco Mela and Otis Brown III, tackled the Charlie Parker songbook, although in a way barely recognizable to the originals. This time the band takes on a much more expansive project, the “notion of a universal musical language”. Although this seems to me a rather nebulous project to take on, the result is undoubtedly successful. Cross Culture is possibly my favorite so far of the three Us Five albums.

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2012 Year Top Ten

The Bad Plus - Made Possible

It’s that time of year again. The time when everyone thinks up lists of the things they like to list for other people to read. Here at Foresight and Afterthought, the things we like to list are music, so that’s what we aim to do. After the jump, you’ll find my list for top ten jazz albums of the year, in no particular order, as well as three honorable mentions and biggest disappointments.

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